Virtual Loadcase

Virtual Loadcase (VLC)

In embedded software development, so-called load cases are frequently used. They include for example sensors and actors which are to be read or controlled in the automobile via electronics and software. Thus, the software developer can test and optimize his code under almost real conditions.

However, these load cases are often bulky and expensive, since the installed loads are relevant for only one single project. In addition, availability is limited, especially in early project phases.

The innoventis GmbH hardware department is currently working on a so-called reconfigurable virtual load case. It is designed to simulate the electrical behavior of a variety of different actual loads and sensors. The required data can be obtained from simple measurements of the real load and imported to the VLC. Thus, for example load curves at different temperatures or manufacturing tolerances can be simulated. For instance, the behavior of a seat heater can be imitated at -40 ° C without the necessity of providing the complete seat and a climate chamber to the developer.

With the VLC, an adequate development environment can be provided already at early stages of the project to several developers. Due to its universal applicability, costs and time can be saved in the medium to long term.