The CanMonitor is an application for operating a single or more CanActors on a computer. It enables you to analyse CAN-traffic with your CanActor. You also can send periodic and non-periodic Messages. The CanMonitor supports all three transceiver types provided by the CanActor (High-Speed, Low-Speed and Single-Wire). It also allows a clear configuration of different filters based on the message identifiers.

The CanMonitor provides an easy way for performing tests and measurements with the CanActor.

It ships together with the CanActor and can be used without restrictions.

Further information

Product sheet CanMonitor


  • support of CAN-Protocols 2.0A (11-Bit ID) and 2.0B (29-Bit ID)
  • setting of standard and custom baud rates
  • periodic or user-triggered sending of messages
  • arbitrary number of predefined messages
  • selection of High-Speed, Low-Speed or Single-Wire transceiver
  • passive mode, suppression of acknowledgement
  • recording the bus-traffic into a text-file
  • extensive filtering for better visualisation of the bus-traffic and multi-level message filter concept (hardware / software)
  • configuration of filters by drag&drop of the message ids from can-trace
  • support of remote frames
  • assignment of identifiers/names to message IDs
  • evaluation tools (busload, etc.)
  • simple plugin-concept