The CanActor is an active USB-CAN-Gateway for connecting a PC to a CAN network.
It allows reliable and loss-free sending and reception of messages in CAN networks with high transfer rate and high bus load. Incoming messages are tagged with a timestamp. Message filtering by hardware is supported.
The CanActor handles all established physical CAN layers. That includes High-Speed-CAN, Low-Speed-CAN and Single-Wire-CAN. The layer can be switched by software.

Including the powerful driver framework the CanActor enables the simple integration of PC applications into CAN networks. An access from several independent PC applications to one CanActor or from one PC-application to several CanActors is no problem. Because of its compact dimensions and its high flexibility the CanActor is well suited for tools or prototypes handling CAN-related development- and service-tasks.
It also qualifies for controlling, visualization, parametrization and analysis applications.

The CanActor comes with the CAN-Monitor-Software for windows.


  • suitable for mobile and desktop application
  • connected by USB 2.0 (Full Speed) interface
  • active Interface with own microcontroller
  • support of CAN-Protocols 2.0A (11-Bit ID) and 2.0B (29-Bit ID)


  • Firmwareupdate via USB
  • integrated transceivers for High-Speed-, Low-Speed- and Single-Wire-CAN, software-switched
  • five indicator-LEDs for CAN-Rx, CAN-Tx and selected transceiver
  • Full-CAN-Controller
  • efficient Remote Frame support
  • powerful driver architecture
  • suited for industrial use because of robust aluminium casing
  • low power consumption (typical < 50mA), powered by USB

Field of operation:

  • CAN-applications in automobile industry
  • CAN-appcliations in process control
  • general measurement- and testsystems

Scope of delivery:

  • USB-Cable
  • CanActor in robust metal casing
  • CAN adaptor cable
  • Driver for Windows 8,7, Vista, XP
  • Driver libraries in C/C++ and Java for integration in established programming languages
  • CAN-Monitor for Windows 8, 7, 2000, XP, Vista operating systems
  • User manual on CD

Further information

Product sheet CanActor

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Technical specification

PC Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed
CAN-Interfaces High Speed, Low Speed, and Single Wire
CAN-Specification 2.0A (11-Bit ID) and 2.0B (29-Bit ID)
Transfer rates 5 kBit/s – 1 MBit/s
max. transfer rate without frame loss in worst case 500 kBit/s
Time stamp precision 0,1ms
Power consumption typical 40mA
Power consumption max 65mA
Dimensions 118 x 82 x 35 mm
Operating systems Windows 8,7,2000, XP, Vista